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Please note that we only have 4 spaces left for our 2015 bookings.  The weekends of the Spring Equinox, Beltane/May Day and the Summer Solstice are fully booked.  

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Jump the Broomstick!

A handfasting is a personal commitment ceremony, based on ancient traditions, including Jumping the Broomstick.

Here at Perfect Handfastings we want to provide you with a truly personal and magical experience, which will allow you to express your love to the world in a way that suits you.

Handfastings are the perfect modern solution to holding a truly personal wedding ceremony.  Although based on ancient traditions, the ceremony can be crafted to ensure that everyone takes something special from the day.  A handfasting can be pagan, or can be secular, it really is a versatile way of creating a ceremony that makes your day enjoyable and memorable.  Handfastings can be held just about anywhere, so why not take a look at our links page for some ideas.

Although this website is all about handfastings, we are also able to help with baby naming ceremonies, rites of departure, and other rites of passage.  Please contact us to discuss these further.

Contact us by phone or email and discuss how we can help to give you the ceremony you have always dreamed of.

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